Hasselbeck undergoes live television sex-change

From abc.go.com/daytime/theview

Former Survivor contestant and lone conservative voice on ABC’s all women panel talk show The View, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, was stripped of her credentials as a female by her co-hosts on Thursday’s show.  Making the radical suggestion that people would support a presidential candidate based on his or her qualifications and stances on the issues rather than solely on his or her phenotype, the white Hasselbeck was first deemed non-black by co-host, comedienne and one-time Ted Danson lover Whoopi Goldberg.  “It’s a very white way to look at it,” former failed radio talk show hostess Goldberg concluded, “In fact, that’s a very white male way to look at it.”  The conversation quickly excluded Hasselbeck, a democratic vote was taken, and Hasselbeck was left to fulfill the remainder of her contract with the View as the lone conservative and the lone male voice on the panel.  Hasselbeck’s NFL quaterback husband is contesting the results of the election.


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