Newsflash: Major Left-wing Blogs Abuzz With Anger


Previously peaceful rhetoric from “progressive” blogs The DailyKos and The Huffington Post turned to spiteful words for the Democratic candidates over the last week as the hopefuls held interviews with cable-news-channel-non-grata Fox News. Claiming it legitimizes what they see as right-wing media bias, the blogs aimed invective at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for courting actual viewers. “I don’t think that it is tenable to completely neglect or ignore what your base wants,” opined Ari Melber, correspondent for The Nation, another liberal hub in the New Media, “and our base definitely doesn’t want actual people to be exposed to our true agenda.”


Clinton not a “regular” American after all


Upstaged by Hillary Clinton’s real-life antics, we temporarily pause our satirical approach to report as deadpanned-ly as possible that the sole candidate with ovaries is out of touch with the regular Americans she claims to have always been one with. Perhaps the result of having missed her morning coffee, she gaffed on an interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly claiming that Democrat rival Barack Obama’s involvement with his anti-American and racist pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright was not interesting to the American people (O’Reilly assured her that ratings are through the roof). She then proceeded to relate in a People magazine interview that her dream date (if approved by the philandering husband who never asked her approval for any of his own trysts) would be with a Republican (and a dead one at that). Finally, during a publicity stunt in support of her windfall profits tax proposal on Big Oil, she was forced to admit unfamiliarity with the mechanincal wonder called a gas pump, with the excuse that she hadn’t pumped her own gas in years. We won’t comment on whether it’s out of touch or not to not know what Red Bull is.

Bitter Barack NOT clinging to religion

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Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s hopes to stay above race-based identity politics took a dive this week as his former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright defended his views before the Washington DC National Press Club that the US government is guilty of terrorism, created AIDS and disseminated crack cocaine to destroy black neighborhoods, and needs to adopt communistic principles in order to solve the racial divide Wright is endeavoring so hard to keep open.  Barely controling his bitterness at not having attended 20 years-worth of sermons where Wright’s racist and anti-American views were made known, Obama, contrary to his own deeply held convictions that bitterness should drive people to cling to religion, rhetorically dropped-kicked his pastor in a press conference yesterday.  In response to questions about the timing of his disavowal of Wright, Obama protested that this had nothing to do with his flagging campaign, that he was indeed a new kind of politician able to rise above racial politics, the politics of hate, and the politics of personal destruction, that he most certainly had never lied to the American people about his relationship with Rev. Wright, and that the communistic principles espoused in his own campaign platform were in no way inspired or encourage by his former spiritual advisor.

Oil profits to be punished

National Review Online - Carter-era gas lines

Americans prove they can organize according to socialistic principles (circa Jimmy Carter administration)

On reports of record oil company profits this quarter both Democrat presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and HIllary Clinton reiterated their policies to punish the American people for investing so wisely.  Their plan is first to force the oil price itself higher by limiting supply, exploration and refining possibilities, then to attack at the consumer end by imposing a “windfall profits” tax on the producers to be passed down and added to the purchase price.  Together, these two controls should bring profits down, increase dependence on foreign oil sources, and tank the retirement funds of many millions of Americans, not to mention increase the price at the pump and/or create shortages.  Liberal Democrats are reportedly excited about the prospect of reviving Jimmy Carter era gas lines as examples of American organization skill.

Obama most intelligent candidate


Reacting to press coverage, bi-racial Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama heartily accepted the implications of his former pastor’s explanation of the racial divide in intelligence today.  Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in a speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People assembly in Detroit over the weekend generalized that whites were left-brained analytically-minded folk, while blacks had a monopoly on the right-brained more creative and intuitive side of intelligence.  This theory suggests, of course, that Senator Obama, as a precisely 50/50 mixed-race individual, is the only candidate in full possession of both sides of his brain.  Senator Hillary Clinton objected that her estrogen levels more than compensated for any difference in IQ between her and her apparently double brain functioning opponent.  On the Republican side, presumptive nominee and immanently polite Senator John McCain fervently demanded Republicans not run ads taking advantage of the lack of intelligence of either of his Democrat challengers based on their choices of pastors and/or spouses.

Hasselbeck undergoes live television sex-change


Former Survivor contestant and lone conservative voice on ABC’s all women panel talk show The View, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, was stripped of her credentials as a female by her co-hosts on Thursday’s show.  Making the radical suggestion that people would support a presidential candidate based on his or her qualifications and stances on the issues rather than solely on his or her phenotype, the white Hasselbeck was first deemed non-black by co-host, comedienne and one-time Ted Danson lover Whoopi Goldberg.  “It’s a very white way to look at it,” former failed radio talk show hostess Goldberg concluded, “In fact, that’s a very white male way to look at it.”  The conversation quickly excluded Hasselbeck, a democratic vote was taken, and Hasselbeck was left to fulfill the remainder of her contract with the View as the lone conservative and the lone male voice on the panel.  Hasselbeck’s NFL quaterback husband is contesting the results of the election.

Al-Qaeda Allies throwing in the turban


Groups allied with bad-boy-in-a-beard Osama Bin Laden’s infamous Islamic extremist terror group Al-Qaeda are becoming increasingly sheepish about innocent victims dying for the cause according to the LA Times’s Josh Meyer. Al-Qaeda number two, video news-anchor and chief public relations correspondant, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, responded in a lengthy internet “scroll” detailing Bin Laden’s sincere apology for the inevitable errors that occur as part of the hazards of explosive devices planted in public areas. Feeling the recruitment squeeze from the PR backlash, Zawahiri dodged, claiming to have no idea that innocents were ever among the targets of his organization’s efforts, then moved on to damage-control pledging from henceforth to accept only the high-functioning mentally handicapped as suicide martyr candidates.